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  • Chest Cold: Apply salve to chest, throat, and back. Cover with a warm cloth. Provides deep-heating comfort.
  • Head Colds, Sinus Congestion: Apply salve around nose, cheeks, and behind ears to open clogged sinus passages. Use it also in a vaporizer (1 Tbsp.) for breathing relief.
  • Burns: Apply liberal amounts of salve to all kinds of burns for almost instant relief. Helps to prevent blisters and reduce scarring.
  • Sore Muscles, Aching Joints: Apply salve to affected areas and rub in well. Penetrates to soothe and relax.
  • Cramps and Arthritis: Apply salve freely and rub in well.


Other Uses


Insect Bites

Bee Stings


Sore Throats




Active Ingredients
Oil Eucalyptus, Oil Fir Needle, Camphor Oil,
Methyl Salicylate (Synthetic Oil Wintergreen),
and Menthol Crystals, in a special food grade petrolatum base.



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