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We find Skinner�s very effective, especially in sinus relief and aching joints.
    Silver Springs, Florida 

Skinner�s is great!  We wouldn�t want to be without it.
Dr. M.L.Y.
   Jonesville, Michigan 

I�m very pleased with your product and the natural ingredients.  Don�t change a thing!
    Barberton, Ohio 

Skinner�s is very good; more effective than Vick�s.  We keep it in the house regularly.
  Bloomfield, Iowa 

A good product!  All patients love it!
Dr. D.K.
   Rockhill, South Carolina 

Your product was recommended to me in the 60�s by a chiropractor.  It�s wonderful relief during massage.
Holden, West Virginia 

I cannot say enough good things about your product.  It was introduced to me by a friend for my aches and pains due to muscular dystrophy.  I�ve also used it for sinus problems, ear aches, burns, headaches, sore throats, and just about any ailment you can think of.
Elkhart, Indiana 

Skinner�s is the best all purpose ointment I�ve ever used.  I�ve recommended it to numerous friends and relatives. 
   Arapaho, Oklahoma 

Absolutely the best salve on the market.   
  Burleson, Texas 

My 18 year old grandson couldn�t leave for the Navy without a jar of Skinner�s.  We can�t live without it.  
Bow, Washington 

My husband was heating a bale spear with a cutting torch to straighten it, and accidentally laid his hand on the hot spear.  We immediately put Skinner�s Salve on his hand and kept some on all that day.  It never formed a blister, and there was no more pain.
  Fort Scott, Kansas 

I stand on my feet all day on concrete and they really hurt.  Using Skinner�s not only eases the pain so I can sleep, but the next morning, they�re not sore or hurting.
  Glendora, California 

Your salve is absolutely the best for everything that is sore.  From sore muscles to sore throats, it�s the best relief with a wonderful scent.
Bowling Green, Kentucky 

I had a bite from something on my arm for a week, and it didn�t clear up using some other salves.  After using yours for a while, it has now cleared.
LaVale, Maryland 

A chiropractic doctor used your �vaporizing salve� on my son�s swollen glands.  It has helped dramatically.
Casper, Wyoming



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